First, make sure your battery is in the bike. For Hawk and Showtime you will turn the key until the safety switch is enabled. For The Big Ticket and City Slicker, you will press the power button on top of the battery and make sure the green light turns on when you hold it. Then press and hold the button on the control pad for 3 seconds to power up the bike. You will also press and hold the button for 3 second to power down the bike. 

All of our models offer pedal assist. When using pedal assist (PAS), an electric motor supplements the rider's own effort. PAS level 0 is the only level that will not offer pedal assist. PAS levels 1-5 will keep you between the speed of 6mph (PAS 1) and 20mph (PAS 5). To use pedal assist, simply start pedaling, you can use the ↑ and ↓ arrows to increase and decrease the amount of pedal assist. 

Our models are also equipped with a throttle, which is located on the right handle, to propel the bike without pedaling. You can engage the throttle anytime including from a complete stop while in any of the PAS levels (0-5). However we recommend that you pedal first before engaging the throttle. The throttle can propel you to the speed of 20mph at any time. 

The motor stops when you: stop pedaling, squeeze the breaks, or release the throttle. Simply start pedaling again to re-engage the motor. 


We recommend charging the battery off of the bike and indoors, this is to ensure the battery is in moderate temperatures. To charge the battery, plug the charger into the charging port and then connect the charger to a wall outlet. The LED indicator light will be red when charging and will turn green when charging is complete.  


Properly maintaining your Excel Power Bike ensures it's longevity and smooth operation. Before assembling your bike, please watch the "How To Assemble" video we've prepared for you. If you have questions during the assembly process, please reach out to us at (620) 553-9235 or email 


Safety is our top priority. You should wear an approved bicycle helmet every time you ride a bicycle. Some jurisdictions require the use of a helmet when riding a Class II Ebike like the bikes we offer. Be sure you are complying with your local laws when riding your Excel Power Bike. 

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