1) Built with Premium Components that are made to last!

Within the Powered Bike industry, not all bikes are built the same. Our bikes are built with hand selected parts that are built to last a lifetime. Every component within our bikes was selected with the customer in mind. Our 750W Bafang motor and 48V 14Ah battery are built for longevity. We also replaced all plastic components with metal to ensure durability and quality. You will find these premium parts on all of our models as they were all crafted with quality in mind. 

2) Unparalleled customer support.

As a family owned business we take pride in taking care of our customers. Our support line is very important to us as that is where we learn what our customers are concerned about and also what our customers love about our bikes. We have nonstop efforts to continue making our products more suitable to a wide range of people. All feedback is taken very seriously at Excel Power Bikes, as our customers opinions are even more important that our own. We want you to have a direct relationship with our team here at Excel Power Bikes. 

3) Low risk 

Many of our competitors have price tags that may take your breath away for a second. While maintaining superior quality in all of our bikes, we are able to provide our bikes at a very affordable price. Look into our payment plans at checkout and pick the one that works for you! If you are asking yourself if a Power Bike is right for you, please reach out and come take a test ride at our HQ in River Falls, Wisconsin. We would love to meet you.