Phone Holder


Hands-Free Convenience with the GUB PRO-3 Phone Mount - Securely Attach Your Phone to the Power Bike Handlebars!


The GUB PRO-3 Phone Mount is your go-to solution for a secure and hands-free phone mount on the handlebars of your power bike. Crafted with precision from CNC Alloy, this mount ensures a robust and durable attachment, providing a safe and accessible location for your phone during your rides.


  • CNC Alloy Construction: Engineered with high-quality CNC Alloy, offering strength and durability to withstand various riding conditions.

  • 18 mm Claws: The mount features 18 mm claws designed to securely grip your phone, providing a stable hold throughout your journey.

  • Adjustable Design: With a maximum adjustment of 100 mm, the GUB PRO-3 accommodates various phone sizes, making it compatible with phones ranging from 3.5 inches to 6.5 inches.

  • Secure Attachment: Safely attach the mount to your power bike handlebars, ensuring your phone stays in place even during dynamic rides.

Now you can navigate, track, or enjoy hands-free calls on your power bike with ease, thanks to the reliable GUB PRO-3 Phone Mount. Elevate your riding experience with this essential accessory! 🚴‍♂️📱✨