Ultimate Explorer Pack


  • Introducing our "Ultimate Explorer Pack" – the complete bundle to revolutionize your biking journey! This exclusive pack includes a range of top-notch accessories:

    1. Hitch Rack: Effortlessly transport your bike anywhere with our reliable hitch rack. Perfect for road trips, outdoor adventures, and exploring new trails.

    2. Spare Battery: Extend your riding range with an additional battery. Swap batteries on the go and enjoy the freedom of longer, uninterrupted rides.

    3. Luxury Saddle: Upgrade your comfort with our premium luxury saddle. Designed for optimal support, it ensures a smooth and enjoyable ride every time.

    4. Saddle Bags: Convenient storage solutions right under your seat. Carry your essentials with ease, whether it's tools, snacks, or personal items.

    5. Bike Mirror: Enhance your safety with our practical bike mirror. Stay aware of your surroundings, ensuring a secure and confident ride.

    6. Phone Holder: Keep your phone secure and accessible during your rides, allowing you to navigate, track your journey, or enjoy some music hassle-free.

    7. Countdown Outlet: Stay charged on the go! The countdown outlet ensures you have a power source wherever you are, giving you peace of mind during longer rides.

    Gear up for the ultimate biking adventure with the Excel Power Bikes Ultimate Explorer Pack – all these fantastic accessories for an incredible price of $799.99 (original value $974). Grab yours now and conquer the roads!